Chlorine Generator Uses for your Swimming Pool

For swimming pools, chlorine is a necessary evil to prevent bacterial and algae growth from taking over the pool and rendering it unsafe for human habitation.

Anyone who has had to maintain even a small swimming pool knows what a nuisance that keeping a proper chlorine level can be. Pellets, powders, and tablets all have been used to chlorinate swimming pools & water coolers.

Chlorine Generator benefits explained

Benefits of Chlorine Generator

In this section we will understand some of the main advantages of using Chlorine Generator. And they are explained in the following way.

A chlorine generator alleviates the need for most pool chemical maintenance.

Once a chlorine generator is in place, there is no longer any need to add gargantuan amounts of the smell caustic chlorine to your pool by hand. The only task left along this line is a regular ph check and adding in the ingredients to adjust it back to proper levels. The rest of the chemical maintenance is handled by the chlorine generator.

Chlorine generators require minimal maintenance.

Once the salt pellets are in place, the only care that is needed from that point is make sure that the salt reservoir is refilled a few times per year. Compared to the daily chlorine additions, this is basically no work at all. The chlorine generators tend to be quiet and reliable as they do their work.

chlorine generator water softener

Chlorine Generators work similar to home Water Softeners.

They are filled with salt that has not been iodized. For almost all chlorine generators, this salt is the same as you add to your water softener. The generator extracts the chlorine from sodium chloride (table salt) and adds it to the pool’s water as the filtering system operates. Most of these generators are able to recycle a portion of the chlorine back into salt for reuse. This lowers the operating costs even more.

Pool water no longer smells like chlorine.

This is a pleasant change from the chlorine inundated swimming pools. Along with this benefit, the water is softer and better for your skin, nose, and eyes. Most of the burning sensations experienced in swimming pools are eliminated by chlorine generators. At the same time, they are doing a better job of keeping your pool free of harmful bacteria and algae growth. Because the generator is always functioning, the level of protection does not rise and fall but remains constant.

Chlorine generators recall the bleaching aspect of pool water.

Swimming pools can be extremely hard on your hair. The soft water that comes from a chlorine generator will actually help your hair stay softer and healthier. In the same way, it is gentler on pool liners. In many can help extend the life of your swimming pool.